Some Dos and Donts

So let me start off by saying I am no fashion expert….but I am a girl with some strong opinions and I will apologize off the bat if I am offending anyone!


Ladies…it’s supposed to by 77 today in Boston.  That means…take your long, knee high boots off and put them back in the closet with your sweaters and mittens.  It’s not time yet!!!  It’s like as soon as labor day came and gone, people think it’s okay to wear boots when it’s still 70-80…well I have news for you…you look foolish!!!!  Don’t get me wrong…I love my boots…but we aren’t there yet ladies!


Solutions:  If your tootsies are getting a little chilly in the morning, maybe try a cute closed toe pump or a fun flat….seems like your best bet until the weather really gets chilly!

And my second little gripe of the day… wearing sneakers on their way to work.   I see them on the bus or T and they have on this nice suit with a pair of New Balance running sneakers.  Now…I understand us ladies may throw on sperries or flip flops or some form of a comfortable shoe simply because we are wearing 4 inch heels and that’s not fun commuting and walking into work every day.  But boys, you wear flat, work shoes.  I can’t see them being all that uncomfortable that you have to wear sneakers…..just seems a little unacceptable in my book.


Solution:    When the weather gets a little wet and dirty, especially in the winter, I suggest buying a cheaper pair of black dress shoes with rubber soles so you boys don’t slip.  Keep a pair of nice dress shoes at the office to change into!


Helpful Makeup Tips

Today I want to share with you some very helpful (and easy) makeup tips that should help improve your makeup skills!!!

–     Spend some money on your tools.  Tools and products are equally as important as the makeup skills that you have.  Look for richer pigmented products and well made tools.  When in doubt…go with MAC!

–     Do the eyes first.  You can get a lot of “fall out” from shadow when you apply to your eyes.  You are better off doing your eyes first , then can clean up all the power that has fallen below so as not to enhance dark circles

–     To fake a fresh-faced look, make sure you really massage your cleanser, serum and moisturizer into the skin. It gets the circulation flowing and the blood comes to the surface of the skin

–     To get the perfect winged liner, “apply slightly tacky sticky tape under each eye as a guide for where you want your liner to follow

–     Bronzer should be applied before blush where the sun naturally hits your face: the tops of your cheekbones, tip of your chin, bridge of your nose, and on your forehead at the temples and the hairline

–     Using a concealer brush, apply cover-up to any pimples, making short, quick motions, like you’re spackling. Why a brush? The tapered bristles can get into the crevices of a blemish better than your fingers can.  et everything in place with a skin-tone matching powder

Hope these tips help to achieve that perfect flawless face!!!

Beachy Hair

I’ve had a few requests to post how to achieve a “beachy” hair look.  Now for me, I have it a little easy since my hair is naturally wavy but anyone can achieve this look with a little practice and some good techniques.

There are tons of different tutorials out there but to date, my favorite so far is Barefoot Blondes technique.  Which can be found here

Here is my take on the beachy wave look which is pretty simple…
–      Wrap wet hair up in a towel (DON’T BRUSH – I usually comb through my hair when the conditioner is in it in the shower)
–      Spritz a salt spray on wet hair….some favorites are Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray and Bumble Bumble Surf Spray
–      Try to use a cotton t-shirt to scrunch…not your hands.  This will prevent frizz
–      Diffuse or air-dry hair (I personally prefer air-drying but we all don’t have the time).
–      Once hair is dry, use a curling iron (I use 1-1/4″ Hot Tools Spring Iron) to polish up a few random piece (now would be the time to incorporate Barefood Blondes technique of curling the top part of hair and then waving the bottom part).
–      For those of us that have the naturally wavy hair, you don’t really need to do that 2nd part…I just curl the top half and leave the bottom half of my hair out of the barrel
–      When curling…don’t go crazy with it…the messier, the better

Maxxinista Rant

I just got back from lunch after hitting up TJ Maxx and Marshalls which use to be my go-to for new bags!!!  I have to say, lately I’ve been very frustrated with these stores and the overpriced pocket books.  Why is it that every time I venture into TJ’s and Marshalls, it never fails for me to pick up a purse that’s easily over $100.  What happen to the days when I used to walk in and I could walk out with 3-4 bags under the $100 mark.  I miss those days.   Now it’s Dooney, Ralph, Michael, and B Makowsky….where are the Nine West, Anne Klein and random no-name designers.   I’m the type that likes to switch out my purses every few weeks and I sure as hell can’t be doing that with $100-$200 price tags.  I guess I should look to invest in a new purse and use if for a while L…..Or I could try to hit up Burlington to see what they got!!!!  One last ditch effort????

Does anyone else have the problem???  Either I have really good taste and only pick up the really expensive bags or their stock for more “affordable” bags are really really dwindling!!


Healthy Italian BLT Sandwiches

Today in my lunch box are these tasty Italian BLT Sandwiches I found from Women’s Health. This is a nice little upgrade from your typical BLT with arugula, pesto and turkey bacon. I also added some avocado for some extra flavor and omitted the mayo. I also plan on trying this with hummus in place of the pesto to switch it up. These babies only have 340 caleries, 5 grams of fiber and 15 grams of protein!

2 teaspoons reduced-fat mayonnaise
2 teaspoons refrigerated reduced-fat pesto
1 sandwich flatbread (about 100 calories), split
1/4 cup arugula or 2 large lettuce leaves
1/2 small vine-ripened tomato, sliced
3 slices cooked turkey bacon, halved crosswise
1 carrot/celery, cut into sticks

Spread the mayonnaise and pesto (or hummus) on one side of the bread. Top with the arugula or lettuce, tomato, bacon, and other side of the bread. Cut in half and serve with the carrot or celery sticks.

End of Summer Blues

It’s sad to think that we just breezed through another summer already!  Why is it that the best months of the year (in my opinion…SUMMER) always seem to fly by.  I definitely made the most of it this Labor Day Weekend and hit up the beach as much as possible….and I’m already eyeing next weekend’s forecast which for us New Englanders looks to be another 10!  So while this past weekend may not have been the last official beach weekend, it was my last weekend of gluttony and laziness.  Most of my August was not filled with trips to the gym and smoothie bar…HA….but drinks after work, random Wednesday dinners out, and eating whatever my little heart desired.  But now since I’m under the 1-year mark for our big day, I think it’s time I start taking this whole “getting in shape” a little more seriously.

That being sad, I wanted to share with you a “cleanse” I am eager to try.  And let me start out by saying it’s not so much a cleanse to lose weight quick but more of a simple meal plan that will hit the reset button and give you a good start to a healthy lifestyle.  I am not someone that likes to try all these “diets” nor can my body handle it usually but its more eating healthier, more lean protein, lots of veggies and fruits and easy on the carbs.  Anyways….I plan on trying the Look Better Naked or LBN Cleanse from Women’s Health in the next week or so.  While I am on the 2-day cleanse, I do not plan on working out because I think I would be way to weak and just pass out!  I will be sure to provide you with a recap or update once if I complete it!


Light shake:

• Blend 1 cup skim (or soy, almond, rice, or hemp) milk
• 1 cup berries
• 1 tsp peanut butter (or flaxseed oil)
• 1 cup of ice until frothy
Bonus: Add a dash of cocoa powder!

• 1 cup sliced cucumbers
• 1 cup green tea
Bonus: Add a little vinegar and fresh dill to your cucumbers, or make a cucumber salad by slicing a couple of unpeeled cucumbers into rounds, dousing them with flavored vinegar and letting them marinate for an hour. Drain off the vinegar and keep them in the fridge.
Bonus: Drink your green tea straight up andhot—or brew a whole pot, toss in some fresh mint leaves or slices of peeled fresh ginger, and let steep for a few hours. Store in the fridge and pour it over ice when you’re thirsty.

• Steamed or raw greens (romaine, spinach, mesclun mix, bok choy, arugula, watercress, frisee, endive, etc.)
• 4 oz lean protein (white meat chicken, firm tofu, lean beef, fish)
• 2 tsp oil (olive, sunflower, walnut)
Bonus: Mix-and-match your greens! You can get a lot of no-cal flavor simply by adding arugula or watercress, both of which have a peppery kick. Or you can toss a handful of fresh basil, cilantro, or flat-leaf parsley in with salad greens for an extra jolt of flavor.

• 10 asparagus spears, blanched
• 1 cup green tea
Bonus: Dip the asparagus into nonfat yogurt swirled with Dijon mustard to taste.

• Steamed or raw greens
• 4 oz lean protein
• 2 tsp oil
Bonus: Be creative with your 2 teaspoons of oil, at both lunch and dinner. Whisk it with a teaspoon of vinegar and some herbs for vinaigrette; use it to sauté bite-size pieces of white-meat chicken, lean beef, tofu, or fish; or mix it with a flavor-booster spice mix to rub on chicken, beef, or fish before broiling or grilling.

Stay Tuned…


Favorite Makeup Dupes

Two of my all time favorite products for my daily makeup routine is Benefit Hoola Brozing Powder & Nars Blush in Orgasm.  Both are complimentary shades that seem to work well with all skin tones.  Here is the lowdown…

Benefit Hoola is one of the very few matte bronzers out there that does not contain “shimmer”.  Don’t get me wrong, the shimmer can be nice every once and a while but I like to have that healthy, natural looking tan year-round, and Hoola does the trick.

Nars Orgasm is probably one of the most popular blushes out there now.  The color is a peachy pink with a slight shimmer and is a universally flattering shade.  This coupled with Hoola gives you that perfect healthy glow to flatter any skintone.

Now moving on to what today’s post is really about….a Hoola and Orgasm Dupe!!!  These 2 products I’m about to introduce will give you the same effect as the above but at a fraction of the cost!!!

MILANI Minerals blush in Luminous gives you the same peachy pink undertones with the hint of shimmer and a price tag around $5….

NYC Bronzer in “Sunny” provides that matte bronzer that you get with Hoola at a much more affordable cost.

Personally, I think that Nars and Benefit are better quality products and tend to stay on the skin longer but if you are looking for a more price-conscience option or maybe for an extra set in your gym bag, definitely check them out!!!

Chevron Navy Dress

This past weekend was such a great time….I was able to celebrate my big 3-0 with my closest friends and family.  We had such a blast in Newport and the weather cooperated….we even saw a rainbow 🙂  Everything was just perfect!!!!

Moving on to today’s post…..I am completely lusting over this dress from Vineyard Vines but definitely not liking the price tag…$295 for a maxi dress…what is wrong with you VV!!!

I’m happy to report that about a month ago, I purchased a more budget friendly Asymmetrical Striped Navy Dress that has a lot of the same things that the VV dress has….but definitely not the hefty price tag.  And guess where I found it….JCPenney of all places.  Ya, it’s not a maxi dress or 2-toned but you get the idea.

And I even ended up wearing it on Saturday night while I embraced the start to a new decade…..

Airbrush Makeup – TEMPTU!

I recently purchased the Temptu airbrush system.  I’m a HUGE fan of airbrush makeup thanks to Caitlin Murphy Stylist (who by the way is my very talented makeup/hair stylist for my wedding!!!).  Anyways….after MUCH research, I finally decided to breakdown and try the Temptu.  They are doing this pretty cool trial offer….try it for 90 days for $29.95.  Not a bad deal at all.  Worse that happens if you try it out for a little and decide it’s not for you.  Let me lay out some of the great benefits to airbrush makeup…

* You get such a flawless finish.  It doesn’t settle into creases and pores but more “sits on top” of the skin and creates a feather-light look
* Since this comes straight from the “pod” to the face, there is no bacterial exposed to the hand, brush or sponge that you may normal get
* Airbrush is sweat-proof, smudge-proof and water-proof….SCORE!
* Buildable coverage.  You have the flexibility to create a minimal effect or really go for the full coverage base

The kit includes the air compressor, a foundation, blush and a highlighter which are all apply via the airbrush technique.  I also received a concealer (non-airbrush) as a “bonus” offer.

I only tried it out the first night to “test” it so I’ll have a more detailed review after a wear it for a full day or night and see how it lasts.  Stay tuned!!!!

And if airbrush makeup isn’t for you, you can typically get a similar “flawless” look with a good foundation brush.  I purchased this brush at Sephora and basically buff the foundation into my skin for a flawless finish.  Big fan!!!

J. Crew Jewelry for Less

I am a big J Crew fan especially with their jewelry but I feel like it’s so pricey!  $150 for a necklace just seems insane to me.  In my hunt for some fun bauble necklaces similar to J Crew’s here, I came across some pretty great sites that offer the look for less…from J Crew’s bauble to Yurman cable rings.

Here are my fav new sites for fun jewelry and clothes….and FYI…if you go to BaubleBar to purchase…use the code 9930690  or click on the invite link here since you get points for every friend you invite 🙂

Happy Shopping!!!!